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Anchorage Lawn Fertilizing


One of the most important things you can do for your lawn is feed it. With proper fertilization (among other things), your lawns root system will be more robust, allowing it to better combat cold, heat, foot traffic, droughts, and other harsh conditions. While fertilizing Anchorage lawns once per year will help, we at GEM recommend a 3 times per year feeding schedule. Following our regular feeding schedule below, your lawn will be lush and green, while making your neighbors green with envy.

  •  Spring – Early May
    Just like Alaskan bears, lawns wake up in the spring hungry. A springtime fertilizing will help build thick root structure, and get your lawn off to a great start for the summer season. Now is the time to apply a pre-emergent crabgrass control if your lawn had crabgrass the previous year. IF crabgrass is not an issue, using weed-n-feed fertilizer with a broadleaf herbicide can help take care of dandelions before they can take hold in your lawn. We typically use a 30-0-4 for this application.
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    Summer – August

    Summer is tough on grass. Heat, drought, foot traffic, and insects stress it out. Feeding your lawn in the summer protects and strengthens it against these problems. Luckily, our Anchorage lawns have very few insect and disease issues that warm season grasses can see. This second fertilizing of the year is also a great time to apply a weed-n-feed if needed for dandelions. If you decide to apply it yourself, use caution around flower beds, as weed-n-feed can kill flowers and other broadleaf plants you have! For this application we would use something similar to a 28-0-3 fertilizer.

  • Fall – October

    Fall brings back ideal growing conditions for your lawn. Ample rainfall and morning dew are just about as good as it gets for grass. Now the lawn is looking for the nutrients it needs to recover from summer damage. Some experts will say this is the single most important lawn feeding of the year. Apply your final feeding of fertilizer right before the winter months, when grass is prepping for a winter nap. This will strengthen roots and increase nitrogen storage for an early spring green up and a healthier lawn next year. Following a general program like this one should improve your lawn. Some fertilizers are specially labeled for fall use. We typically use a 32-0-10 fertilizer for the final feeding.


Remember to follow the manufacturer’s direction closely when applying your own fertilizer, as applying too much can permanently kill your grass. Lawn striping, dead spots, water source contamination, and killing flowers around your lawn are all possible tragedies that can occur when improperly applying fertilizer. Before we begin a fertilizer program, we will do an on-site consultation, and possible recommend doing soil testing to determine exactly what type, and how much fertilizer to apply. This will also tell us whether Lime may be need to adjust your PH level. GEM only offers fertilizing service for our existing Anchorage lawn care customers, and you can contact us to sign up for our 3 part fertilizer program. We look forward to working with you!