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04 Aug 2015

Why hire a licensed plow contractor?

Are you licensed?

-This is arguably the most important question you should ask when looking for a snow plowing contractor. In fact, it is one of the most important questions to ask any contractor working in/on your home. This includes the neighborhood kid who might mow your lawn, the friend of a friend that cleans your house, or the handyman from the poster hanging in the gas station. And here’s why-


07 Jan 2015

Slip and Falls – The unmentioned winter worry.

watch for ice polar bear

When we think about winter in Anchorage, we think about plugging our cars in for 30 minutes before starting them, shoveling our sidewalk so we can get to our car, and the expected longer commute it will take to get to work because someone will probably be in the ditch and cause a 10 minute delay in traffic.  However business owners, property managers, and the folks who walk to work worry about what is under the snow, and how to keep it hazardous free.

The National Floor Safety Institute reports that the average cost of a customer slip and fall accident is anywhere from $60,000 to $100,000 per claim.

While it’s difficult to find reliable data when researching statistics online, data consistently shows that slip and falls are in the top 10 causes of injuries for employees and customers.

What can you do to prevent a customer or employee from a slip and fall? Here are the 5 tips that we suggest.