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Damaged or dead lawn?

There are a few things you can do to bring your lawn back to life.  If it has dead spots, has physical damage, or you want a whole new lawn. GEM can help your attain the lawn that will compliment your home.  The 3 most common ways to achieving a lush, green lawn are; first there is sod, then, seeding and hydroseeding which are inexpensive options which allow you to choose the exact varieties of grass in your lawn.

Sod is the most common option people choose, it has instant appeal, the initial maintenance to get it established is much easier, and it has a tight root system so few weeds grow into it.  However, sod can be more susceptible to disease than a seeded lawn, and the initial installation costs more than seeding.

A hand-seeded lawn is an easy option for homeowners who want to do it themselves. The advantage to seeding is that you can tailor your seed choices to the soil type, sun, and amount of traffic the lawn will get. The disadvantage is that when you create ideal conditions for lawn seed to sprout, weed seeds will also come up.

.Hydroseeding is a fast option for seeding large areas of lawn quickly and inexpensively. You’ll need to hire a professional or rent a hydroseeder for this process.  Be advised, that one of the advantages to hydroseeding is that the papery mulch used keeps seeds warm, and therefore encourages better germination rates than hand-seeding.  Most importantly, this application process is highly beneficial, but at the same token, the hydroseeded portion of your lawn must remain traffic free and literally untouched until it begins to sprout, anywhere between 1-2 weeks with mowing maintenance by 4-6 weeks.

Keep in mind, when installing or repairing your lawn will require it to be “unavailable”, keeping foot traffic off until it takes root or develops substantial turf can be a struggle. We can help and advise you of how to keep the lawn healthy for the future.  Or, you can just let us maintain your lawn, you enjoy the look we do the work for you.  Contact us today for an estimate on our exceptional lawn services.