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Few Important Tips on Lawn Watering

If you are not sure how long you should water, mark some plastic containers an inch above the bottom and place them in different parts of the watering zone.  Time how long it takes to get to the one-inch mark. That’s how long you should water going forward. Most lawns need around one inch of water each week.

Keeping an eye out for early indications of dehydration and wilt is fairly simple, keep a look out for signs that include, grass that is bluish-green, grass blades that curl and footprints that stay noticeable on the grass.  While you can water at any time, the most effective time to water is generally morning, when you will lose the smallest amount of water to wind drift and evaporation.  Use caution when watering during the day, it introduces the risk of mold or fungi.

Different ways to water include:

~Portable sprinklers offer a reasonably-priced method for watering grass. Since sprinklers have a variety of distribution and range methods, select a sprinkler according to the size and the    shape of your lawn watering zone. Rotary and impact sprinklers are intended for circular watering zones on large to medium lawns.

~Oscillating sprinklers send a fan of water throughout a large rectangular area. Revolving sprinklers work in smaller areas, shooting a circular pattern of jets of water.

~Irrigation system, being timer-controlled can be effective in maximizing efficiency. You can set up an automatic lawn watering schedule and not have to disrupt your own schedule to      water your lawn.

If your home or rental complex has no capabilities to water your lawn on a timer, or are lacking time to maintain your lawn watering, GEM can do that!  Let our skilled and knowledgeable crew service ALL your lawn maintenance, mow, rake, clean AND water your lawn!!  Call us today at, 223-4666, for an estimate!