Solid Rock Salt versus Liquid De-Icers: Which is better for you?

With newer technologies and methods, de-icing properties has come to a new level. Liquid de-icers are a fantastic alternative to traditional rock salt for many reasons, and here’s what you need to know about them.
Liquid de-icers and rock salt are designed to do the same thing–melt ice and snow. Rock salt is typically the solid form of the chemicals found in liquid de-icers. When applied, rock salt slowly dissolves. But at 10 degrees and lower it nearly becomes useless–rock salt needs some amount of moisture to activate the melting process and most people would not think to add liquid to rock salt. Keep in mind, rock salt is a corrosive agent, it can stain and even damage any material they come in contact with. It also leaves an unsightly trail of residue and oil. Which, is not very attractive, leaving your entrance looking like a giant snail inched through.
Liquid de-icers, work immediately upon contact of ice and snow. The melting attributes are not affected by much colder temperatures. They create a thin protective layer between the frozen ground and the snow or ice, preventing it from sticking and freezing. From here it is easy to remove any build up using simple methods such as snow shoveling or sweeping. Liquid de-icers are often composed of non-toxic ingredients and have minimal adverse effects to the surrounding environment-definetly a higher performance product. When applied, it is virtually invisible and it may look as though the area is impermeable to cold. So that your property looks near impeccable regardless of the elements.
So all in all, both do the job they are designed to do. One takes time and can get messy, the other is more efficient and cleaner. You can also pretreat hazardous areas with liquid de-icer prior to applying the solid rock salt, this is a great way make your costs go further! It can reduce your rock salt usage by 30%! This simple trick will save you both time and money!
If your goal is to maintain the beauty of your business, liquid is the way to go. If your goal is to maintain utmost safety for your high traffic areas, solid is the way to go. Or Both!

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