Welcome to Glaciers Edge Maintenance llc, serving hundreds of Anchorage snow plowing customers annually!

As our customer, you are our number one priority.  We work around the clock to ensure you receive the best snow removal service at a competitive price. Servicing both residential and commercial clients in the Anchorage, AK area. We will utilize snow shovel, brooms, and blowers to clear walkways efficiently. For paved areas we use front end loaders, skid steers, tractors, or plow trucks. We have the right size equipment to fit your property. The various equipment we use helps us to ensure all of your properties are cleared on time, every time. Glaciers Edge Maintenance is happy to offer a variety of payment and billing methods for your convenience. We accept cash, check, or credit cards. Your snow plowing service can be placed on autopay with a credit card to be billed monthly. If you prefer, we can either mail or e-mail a monthly bill, which you can pay with any method you choose. Snow plowing in Anchorage is not just a convenience, it is risk management. This is especially true for commercial properties, where customers and employees need to come and go safely. Did you know that the average cost to defend a slip and fall accident is $50,000?NFSI. The costs could be much greater if you lose a lawsuit as a property owner/manager. Let us help you take some of the risk out of building ownership with our proactive approach to snow removal. We can develop a custom snow and ice management plan for any size property in Anchorage.

Services we offer:

  • Snow Plowing
  • Lot scraping
  • Snow Stacking
  • Haul-off
  • Sanding
  • Sidewalk shoveling
  • Ice melt application
  • Anchorage snow removal services
  • anchorage alaska snow plowing snow removal
  • anchorage alaska snow plowing service
  • snow blowing sidewalk clearing drive plowing
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