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Chris and his team did an exceptional job of clearing up my yard after a car lost control and plowed down trees. He is very responsive and does a great jog. I have also used Glaciers Edge Maintenance for other landscaping projects and have always been very pleased. I would recommend him!

Val YawitAnchorage Hillside

Glacier’s Edge has been great to work with. They have helped us keep up with our building maintenance up to date and help with our landscaping. If a problem arises, Chris and his team are on call and make sure to be available to help.

Kelly IngramThe Nature ConservancyDowntown Anchorage

We’ve lived on the mid-Hillside for 33 years — same house, same nasty, long driveway, same steep lawns. We’ve had many, many snow plowers and lawn maintainers and spring and fall cleaner-uppers over the decades, so we know what we are talking about when it comes to recommendations.
We were lucky enough to find Chris when he started Glaciers Edge Management, and he is hands-down the best — for snow and for lawns. He’s on time when the snow falls, he’s there when you need sanding. And in the summer, he uses double-bladed Honda lawnmowers that shred the cuttings and blasts them back into the lawn, so that there are no bags of grass to haul off. His mowers are like a Special Forces team: they’re done before you know it, and your place looks great.
We’re happy to recommend Glaciers Edge Maintenance without reservation!

Dr. Oliver KorshinAnchorage Hillside

The lawn maintenance was very good, always a very thorough job of mowing and weed whacking the lawn. I was also pleased to see that no mowing was done when it wasn’t needed. At first I would call you to say the lawn didn’t need to be mowed, but then I noticed the crew would come and check and would leave if no mowing was needed. Since we had such a dry summer, the lawn didn’t need mowing every week, so it made sense not to waste time and gas running over the lawn, and then charging for a job that didn’t need doing.
I have also been very pleased with the snow removal service. They have done a better job than anyone we have had. Every bit of the driveway and turn around area was plowed, not just a few swaths down the center. The area in front of the garage was shovelled, not back dragged, so that eliminated snow build up. Even the steps and also the ramp leading up to my front door was shovelled, which was extra helpful and very much appreciated. And then the snow on the street in front of my driveway was plowed, so no snow build up there to drive through.
Thank you so much for the good work that your crews have done for us. I have recommended you to others, and will continue to do so!

Peggy LasherAnchorage Hillside

I’ve counted on Glaciers Edge again and again over the years to keep my office parking clear for traffic and occasionally help me get out of my own driveway. Chris has been so reliable that I’ve even recommended him to some of my own clients.

Chuck WoodITEC AlaskaAnchorage

It was easy to schedule Glaciers Edge Maintenance for my gutter cleaning and minor repairs. They were courteous, prompt and they cleaned up after they were done. I would definitely recommend Glaciers Edge Maintenance to anyone needing home maintenance help!

Karl Davis

I hired GEM to clean my gutters, and after finding a loose gutter, they repaired it at not charge. Thanks!

John Masner

Chris contacted us right away regarding the services needed. He was courteous and professional. We were extremely happy with the completed project of tree cutting, alder clearing and clearing overgrowth. They did this project while we were gone, which is what we wanted and when we returned it was finished, clean, and he came in at his estimate or under. We would definitely his services again. We would recommend him and the people he works with. Thank you

Leslie Barnard

I received a call back from Chris at Glacier Edge within a half hour of sending the inquiry. He provided an estimate that afternoon and was able to squeeze this job in the following day. He took the time to take pictures of our roof while cleaning gutters to show us we had a missing roof tile and offered that our roof looked good otherwise. They completed the job timely, cleaned up, and were very friendly. We will definitely hire them again for future services.

Renee R.Gutter CleaningAnchorage